Hadoop Core / Common Project

  • Distributed Storage : HDFS
  • Distributed Processing : MapReduce (MR1)
  • Distributed Scheduling : YARN (MR2) (its started in Hadoop v2)

How data can be accessed and processed  from Hadoop FrameWork without writing Map Reduce Job

  • PIG :
  • Hive :

How to Process Data Storage or DB in Hadoop

  • HBase :
  • Cassandra :

Storage Management Services

  • HCatalog :

RegEx and Search Tool

  • Lucene :

Bulk Synchronous Parallel computing engine

  • Hama :

Managing MapReduce Pipelining

  • Crunch :

Data Serialization to send data to another application in some format like JSON, XML

  • Avro :
  • Thrift :

Data Intelligence

  • Drill :
  • Mahout :

Real Time Log Processing Tool

  • Flume :
  • Chukwa :

Data Integration to connect RDBMS to HDFS

  • Sqoop :

Distributed Service Coordinator

  • Zookeeper :

Work Flow or Job Scheduler

  • Oozie :

Centralized Service Management, monitoring and Orchestration

  • Ambari :

 Centralized Security of Hadoop Project

  • Knox :

Eclipse IDE plugin for Development

  • HDT :

Project that is 100x Times faster than MapReduce

  • Spark :

 To get the list of ALL apache Incubator project  :

Hadoop Technology
  • November 4th, 2014

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Hadoop Technology
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